A Newsletter from Teignmouth

A layout in progress by Jim Hart

On the railway front, I have been playing with the EzyBus system. This is a control bus system built on a I2C bus. It is run on ‘Arduino’ microprocessors. Took a little while to sort out the programming of the Arduino, which I had done before, but I think I had a duff ‘clone’ Arduino UNO. I spent some time pondering why the system was not working, then swapped the UNO and all came good.

Under the lockdown I have managed to get some work done on the layout I am making. It is a totally freelance design, and I am sure that the railway afficionados amongst you will tell me that it could not represent 12 inch to the foot practice….! It is an end-to-end layout (fiddle yard to fiddle yard) with a branch line. I have been more or less making it up as I go. Here are a few pics of progress to date:

So that’s progress so far, not enough to run anything yet, but I keep getting diverted by other things…….!

Now I need to order some more track – probably on long delivery times, and make the 2 additional boards I need – more 9mm ply, so a journey to B & Q!