Meetings and events

Our next meeting is –

Saturday23rd April Club Meeting during this meeting the AGM will take place Please note this the 3rd Saturday

Future meetings and events. Including write up of previous events.

Held on Saturday 4th December – Railway Show in Newton Abbot Library. (Please see below)

Sunday 24th April Train Fair at Westpoint

Saturday 14th May Club Meeting

Saturday 18th June Club Meting Please note this is the 3rd Saturday

Weekend 24th, 25th and 26th June ExMRS Model Railway Exhibition at Matford Livestock Centre. Set up on Friday evening.

Sunday 14th August. Train fare at Westpoint Exeter

Sunday 6th November. Train fare at Westpoint Exeter

Further meetings will be added as soon as the Scouts allow us to make the bookings.

On Saturday 4th December Mike Neun attended The Railway Studies and Modellers Show, with his layout KERLYN at Newton Abbot Library, Passmore Edwards Centre. The Railway Studies Collection is believed to be the second largest in the country. A short report will appear here soon.