A movable layout by Mike Neun

The name of the layout is derived from my 2 daughter’s Christian names..The layout started as a 3ft X 2ft, shunting layout and increased to its present length of 6ft X 2ft with a 5 lane fiddle yard attached to one end, to give an L format.

It is split into 2sections, with 2 hand controllers,you can control , using 1 controller,to take a train from the station to the fiddle yard and vice versa, you can hold 4 complete trains in the fiddle yard, with the 5 th free to receive incoming arrivals.

Each of the track lanes in the fiddle yard have an isolated section where you can hold trains and bring in a full train behind the isolated locos.

The layout is split into 2 sections,a 3ft scenic area, and a 3 ft yard and utility area.

The buildings are mostly Ratio kits,with scenery items from various manufacturers, trees are a mixture of ready made items and some hand made items.

Rolling stock is from Graham Farish, Peco, Dapol and Union Mills, all railway regions are represented, hopefully it can show what can be achieved in a small area.

Here is a picture, you can find more in our Gallery pages.

Brilliant scenic work. (Webmaster)